“Whisky drenched, americana folk-punk””Live Well is one of the more honest and beautiful albums I’ve seen come out of the americana/folk-punk genre in quite some time.”  -Johnny X of Dying Scene

“All together, Ryan Kerr’s Live Well is undoubtedly folk. Capturing a brooding Western twang balanced with some of the most genuine lyrics spoken aloud, the singer/songwriter wholeheartedly captures the passion and aesthetic of the style. With that, however, comes an array of stories of love and honestly that are sure to appeal to anyone within earshot.Live Well is a record that needs to be payed attention to. It’s honest, direct and it’s pretty dang solid.”  -Adriana Sanchez of Unsigned and Unleashed

“Ryan Kerr makes music that seems to constantly evolve as it’s in the process of playing. It moves and slinks effortlessly like the best kind of narrative. He definitely falls in the singer/songwriter category, yet he travels among the DIY punk scene like an elder statesmen. That’s to say he’s a well respected man, among both his peers and those that love his songs(and there are plenty that do.) Kerr is a storyteller. He unspools songs with just his voice and an acoustic guitar. Songs about love, relationships, and the everyday cycle we can all relate to.” -John Hubner of Whatzup